Blessing to the Nations

Blessing to the Nations (“BTTN”) exists to bring the Good News of God’s love to the people of many nations yet to hear about His Kingdom and the blessings it holds. This message of hope and the teaching of God’s Word is being shared via satellite television network (Barkat TV), internet media, and local gatherings with a focus on serving the nations of Pakistan, Middle East, South Asia as well as in the United States. BTTN aims to be a life-giving resource for ministries around the world, including established ministries in Pakistan, such as Christian Fellowship of Pakistan, which has an established history of operating several churches, schools, orphanage, and medical outreach. 

Beyond sharing the Hope found in God’s Word, BTTN will meet practical needs of people affected by natural disasters, poor health, and dire physical needs. BTTN will continue and expand the scope of the ministry of Pastor Salik John Barkat and his family who have for over 40 years served in international ministry.

Our Vision

Our vision at BTTN and Barkat TV is to spread God’s love among the nations with the message of the Lord Jesus Christ because this message has the power to transform hearts and minds. It will bring true peace and harmony in the world.